Our Values


we believe God reaches out to all people with unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness
…..We will reach out with God’s love and acceptance to our communities

we believe the church is God’s spiritual family unconditionally accepting, forgiving and loving one another
…..We will nurture and encourage all our spiritual family

we believe that the Word of God is inerrant, authoritative and gives trustworthy direction for all of life
…..We will submit to the direction and authority of scripture in all areas of life.

we believe salvation is by grace alone through Jesus’ atoning death on the cross
…..We will proclaim salvation by grace alone through Jesus’ atoning death

we believe all disciples are to be continually growing in the love, grace, and knowledge of Christ
…..We will encourage spiritual growth for all our spiritual family

we believe God desires worship that transforms our relationship with Him and others
…..We will glorify and please God together through life changing worship

we believe meaningful ministry flows out of prayerful empowerment and direction of the Holy Spirit
.….We will prayerfully depend on the Spirit as we serve our communities

we believe all believers are called and gifted for serving God and others
…..We will use our gifts to help others and glorify God

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