Where We Meet

We meet at 9:30 am in Ault at
204 A Street

Fully-staffed and safe nursery is provided during our 9:30 am worship service, and during our Sunday School hour that follows immediately after worship. Children up through 2nd grade worship with us, and then are dismissed to “Jr Church” when it is time for the sermon. The rest of our children worship WITH us adults. Here’s why:

We feel it is important for children and adults to worship AND learn together.
In many churches, children are seen as a nuisance. We don’t want to become that kind of church. Also, in many churches, children never participate in a full morning worship service until they graduate from high school! Instead they are put in their own classes during the worship hour. We are concerned this type of age segregation on Sunday mornings decreases the likelihood that these new young adults will suddenly start attending worship services when they become young adults. We want to encourage the practice when they are young. So we are thrilled to have children in our worship services. Even if your child is younger than 2nd grade, we welcome them in our worship service–they are not required to be dismissed during the sermon time, if that is your preference as a parent.

Sunday School occurs immediately after our 9:30 worship service.
Sunday School Classes:

  • Nursery/toddlers
  • preschool – 1st grade
  • 2nd-4th grade
  • 5th-8th grade
  • 9th Grade – Adult

(Grades 9+ remain in the sanctuary with the adults for our Adult Sunday School.)

We are ordinary people serving an extra-ordinary God. As a result, we don’t make it a habit to dress up for church–we come just as we are. If you’ve never been to church before, we won’t make you feel out of place. You are our honored guest, and we are excited to welcome you in to the family!

And we love children! We don’t see them as a nuisance to our worship services. We appreciate the opportunity to teach them how to worship God, but often, it happens the other way around.

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