Is there any hope for me?

It doesn’t matter what you are currently going through. It doesn’t matter how badly you’ve screwed up your life. There is good news.

God loves you and offers you hope.

God’s hope doesn’t promise that your life will suddenly become easy. It doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be rich or that everyone will like you.

Here is God’s hope for you: That no matter what you are facing, Jesus has overcome the world, and that if you give Him your crummy, messed-up life, He will redeem everything. EVERYTHING.

How does He do that??

He redeems it all by changing us. You see, we ask Him to change our circumstances, when God wants to change us. And He will continue to wait patiently until we are finally ready to stop trying to fix our own life, and allow Him fix us. There’s a fancy Christian word for that: repentance.

When we let Him take over, we discover a hope that we did not know before. A hope that goes beyond any circumstance we might face. We would love to show you what it’s like to give your life to Him and experience true hope.

Our Church

Our church is made up of many others just like you who have come to experience this hope. This hope frees us to love each other as a family would love one another. That means at Living Hope Community Church:

  • we take care of each other
  • we encourage each other
  • we pray for each other
  • we have fun together
  • and we tell others of this great hope

Join us this Sunday, and experience this hope for yourself! Click here for our worship time and location.


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